When Evelyn started attending R2R classes she had some hip pain and limited mobility that affected her fitness. Almost 2 years later this girl kills it in each class, pain free!! So proud of her commitment.

Evelyn also is the owner of a boutique event planning and design company called 206 Event Co.  The company is named after the address her grandparents lived at when she was growing up - a place that was very special to all of us. How cute is that?! They are part of the inspiration behind the company’s mission, which is to create meaningful and carefully curated events, where every detail serves a purpose and each client is treated like family. Read on to find out more about Evelyn and her fitness journey with R2R.

How long have you been training with Right to Roam Outdoor Training?
I’ve been training with Anna for about a year and a half. I started attending outdoor classes and just kept going! 

What do you like the most about the R2R classes?
I like Anna’s attention to each person’s individual fitness goals and any injuries or limitations they may have.  Class-based workouts can sometimes leave you feeling as though you didn’t receive any individual attention, or that the workout wasn’t specifically tailored to your needs. With R2R, I leave every class session feeling like I made improvements, and that Anna was aware of what I was there to accomplish. 

How has R2R positively influenced your overall health and lifestyle? 
When I started with R2R, my main goals were to improve stamina and muscle tone. Although there are always ways to keep pushing yourself, I definitely feel like I have made progress, and can feel myself getting stronger with each workout. I also saw Anna for a few Fascial Stretch Therapy sessions when I experienced some pain in my shoulder - probably from sleeping in a strange position or from sitting hunched over my laptop. Between R2R and the FST, I think the programs Anna offers have definitely improved my overall health and fitness, and have ensured that I am able to stick to a routine. 

As an entrepreneur, working with another self-starter like Anna has helped me maintain energy and focus I need throughout the day, and contributed to keeping me motivated even when the grind gets tough.   Thank you Anna!

What motivates you to workout?
I always enjoy how I feel after a workout - a surge of energy and positivity is always a good thing. That being said, I do have trouble getting myself to the gym unless I feel accountable. Knowing Anna is waiting for me in class and is ready with a fun, challenging, and engaging workout keeps me going back!


Would you rather do 100 squats or a 3 minute plank?
Squats for sure. Sometime dynamic planks keeps my mind off the clock… 

How do you roam in the outdoors? 
I would classify myself as more of a city girl, so my outdoor actitivites are usually socially driven. I love travel, and exploring new cities on foot is always a big part of any vacation for me. I also like going for bike rides or to the pool in the summer, skating in the winter, and I always love a good trip to the dog park with any friends who have dogs.