The Christmas holidays came and went, and upon her return to the classes in January, Claire told me that she was 10 weeks pregnant!!! I was ecstatic!

Needless to say, her training goals changed just a little bit, but her drive and committment did not. She continued coming to class  as much as she could up until a month before her sweet little babe arrived. 

Now I cannot wait to work with her on her postnatal fitness journey. 

Claire started coming to the R2R classes to work on improving her strength and cardio. She loves hiking, camping, and cross country skiing. Last December, she came to class one night complaining that her hips felt weird. Nothing hurt, but they felt unstable and like they were extra flexible. As a joke I said,"Oh well maybe you are pregnant." Her response, rightfully so, was "Uh. What the hell are you talking about?" I enthusiastically proceeded to explain, that during pregnancy women have a hormone, called Relaxin, flowing through their system. The main purpose of this hormone is to prepare the body for birth, by relaxing your ligaments around the pelvis. 



How long have you been training with Right to Roam Outdoor Training?

CO: I’ve been training with R2R for 2 years.

What do you like the most about the R2R classes?

CO: I love that the classes are focused on functional strength and agility training that pays off when I do other activities. Plus, the smaller class settings means that Anna is able to modify exercises to suit everyone’s needs and abilities. 

What motivates you to workout?

CO: I’m motivated to build strength and endurance that can carry me to all the amazing places we have to explore nearby. 

How has R2R influenced your day to day life?

CO: I really look forward to training with R2R in a way that I haven’t with other training programs.  It’s an opportunity to prioritize my own wellness - physically, mentally, and socially!

Would you rather do a 100 squats or hold a plank for 3 minutes?

CO: I would rather do 100 squats. Maybe just not all in a row?

How do you roam in the outdoors?

CO: I love to backcountry camp and spend time in the peace of Mother Nature. Hiking, cycling, canoeing and cross-country skiing are some of my favorite ways to roam!