Last week I sprained my ankle while rock climbing at Grassi Lakes. It is the third injury I have ever had, so all things considered, I do consider myself lucky. Earlier this year I sustained a concussion, followed a few months later by some gnarly rope burn while belaying my fiance. Oh 2018, why do you want to kick my ass so much?! 

I don’t do well with sitting and being inactive for very long. Truthfully, I loathe it. The concussion forced me to be inactive and so has this sprained ankle. The conseqences of this medically-dictated inactivity results in me being paticularly grumpy and not the most fun to be around (the rumors are true!). Spraining my ankle made me realize how much I take for granted when my body is healthy and fully functioning. Showering, going to work, getting groceries, and cooking dinner has become harder, requiring more patience and time to complete. Being concussed I truly had to be entirely immobile. Any exercise made my head dizzy, even a simple walk was difficult to endure. You are not supposed to watch TV, no phone, and no reading. I went into pioneer-mode and spent a whole day sleeping and staring at the snow falling outside. At least with this sprained ankle I could do work on the computer, watch TV, and still move around, albeit on crutches. 

Last Tuesday I stayed home from work since I couldn’t put any weight on it. I used this down time to work on programming for clients, answered emails, and did some wedding planning. Dinner was delivered courtesy of Uber Eats from Posto and I watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (the first one is definitely better)then The Sweetest Thing. About a quarter of the way through the second movie, I was getting cabin fever. and not feeling very 'sweet'. I had been home alone for 6 hours and I felt like I was starting to crack. So I decided to attempt to do a little low impact workout in my living room. A ‘Sit and Be Fit’ session, if you will. Trying to assemble my equipment in the middle of my living room was comical, to say the least. My fiancé was working an evening shift that day so I was left to my own devices. I started with some mobility, a little bit of core, and finished off with upper body and the whole time I was either sitting on the floor or in a chair. Fifteen minutes later, I felt refreshed! My brain felt stimulated and I wasn’t in a crappy mood.

Below are some of the exercises I did. They may not work for everyone depending on your type of injury. You can do them at the gym or in the comfort of your home.