Charlotte has become a regular at the R2R Training Classes. She gives it her all every time, and is such a pleasure to train. A few years ago she was not comfortable lifting weights, but now she crushes 100 lb squats and has had to get a few of her suits for work altered, because of her gun show!

How long have you been training with Right 2 Roam? 

CS: For over 2 years.

What do you like the most about the R2R classes?

CS: I love being able to work up a sweat outside. I love learning new ways to challenge my body and learning ways to keep workouts interesting and exciting. 

What motivates you to workout?

CS: Working out improves my mood, and when I feel stronger, I feel better, overall. I also work out so that I can drink beer and wine and pig out on candy and pastries. I also go to R2R classes because it allows me to spend time with friends in addition to getting a great workout. 

How has R2R influenced your day to day life?

CS: As far as my week goes, attending R2R classes is something that I prioritize. It's in my schedule. Even if I’m really busy at work, I make all efforts to get there. It is something that I look forward to - I spend all day getting excited about being outside, moving my body, and seeing some great friends. 

Would you rather do 100 squats or hold a plank for 3 min?

CS: 100 squats, no doubt. 

How do you roam in the outdoors?

CS: Cycling, walking, running stairs, and the occasional hike.