When splitboarding, I need to make sure that I maintain my energy levels for the tour up and the shred down. Some tours are long and steep; others are short and sweet. Regardless the round trip distance or the vertical gains, I always make sure to stock up with my favorite snacks to stay fueled. 


Fats provide more energy than carbohydrates because they take longer to be broken down. So I like to bring a trail mix which consists of a combo of fats and sugars. I love going to Bulk Barn and making my own. It usually consists of a variety of nuts (almond, cashew, pecan, walnut), seeds, dried fruits, and chocolate covered anything. I also like to pack some Babybels. 

When it comes to just carbohydrates, my go to’s are Clif BLOK Energy Chews and Ritter Sport from MEC, or Cadbury King Size Chocolate Bars from any grocery store. The simple sugars that your body can use instantly. For those times when I know, we are approaching a short and steep section, or we have a lot of switchbacks ahead of us, popping one or three of those energy chews, or a few pieces of chocolate gives me a jolt of energy I need to get me through it.

Your body will only use protein as an energy source when there are no fats or carbs available. Protein mostly helps with rebuilding tissue (i.e., muscle), so I like having some at the end of my day when we are back at the car. I’ll bring some good ol’ Polish kielbasa that I get from Jan’s Meat and Deli, a can of tuna, or some simple protein shake.

Keeping snacks easily accessible, like in my jacket or pant pockets, ensures I can get an instant serving of energy when I need it, and it keeps it warm. Frequent stops to take your pack off is not efficient, and it interrupts your pace. Plus, being in the backcountry, you roam across areas where stopping is not ideal, like a large open avalanche path. 

There is a lot of gear you need for splitboarding in the backcountry. The right board and skins, clothing that will keep you the perfect temperature, spare parts and repair kits, lightweight and compact everything. The same detail should be given to the calories you consume while roaming in our beautiful backyard. Give these snacks a try! Comment below to share any of your favorite snacks that you pack for your adventures.