When you Google trainers in Calgary, you get over 500,000 results. Most of these results are of gyms in the city and not of individual fitness trainers. Which means you have to continue searching for a Trainer that suits your goals, your personality, your budget, and any other demands. That is a lot of results to go through and, most people do not have the time for that. Unfortunately, within these results, there are individuals with no credentials or limited experience working as fitness trainers. Putting your trust and your hard earned money, into a Trainer that will help you achieve your fitness goals, is a big deal. 

So how do you make the right choice? 


Jackie Cooney is the owner of 4HireFitness and she wants to help you find the right fitness trainer for you and your goals. Her journey in the fitness industry began 28 years ago, where she started out as a running coach for the City of Calgary. She has worn many hats over the years, and I got to sit down with this inspiring individual to get to know more about her and 4HireFitness. 

What inspired you to start 4HireFitness?
J: For some time, I have felt that the fitness industry has been watered down with people who do not have credentials and are taking away career opportunities from those that do. I have worked with amazing and highly educated Trainers, and they don’t get the recognition they deserve. Also, people don’t know how to find certified trainers, so I wanted to create a platform that would provide them with information and guide them in finding the right certified Fitness Trainer. 

What do you look for in a Trainer before representing them on 4HireFitness? 
J: First and foremost, I look at their credentials/certifications, their education and overall knowledge of body mechanics. I spend time getting to know their personality, attitude, and their beliefs in helping the community. Common sense is also key.

What are your top 3 programs/diplomas/certifications for personal training?
J: I think the Mount Royal University Personal Fitness Trainer diploma is solid. A Kinesiology degree paired with Exercise Physiology or the CSEP CPT certification. If I am looking at fitness specialties such as sport specific training, the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist cert from NSCA is on my list. 

What do you think are important questions a person looking for a Trainer should ask?
J:  1. What are your credentials? Plus proof of these credentials.
     2. What is your training philosophy? 
     3. Why did you get into this industry? How long have you been in this industry?
     4. What is your greatest success story?
     5. Ask them to provide you with some testimonials.

Any advice you would give someone interested in becoming a personal trainer? 
J: Find a mentor, a role model. Shadow people you would like to emanate and volunteer your time.

How does the Client to Personal Trainer matching process work at 4HireFitness? 
J: There is an Intake Form on the website for clients to fill out. They provide me with their fitness/health goals, a little background history, where they want to train, and if they have looked at any of the trainers on the website. Because I have spent time getting to know each of the trainers, I also make it a priority to spend time getting to know the clients. Once we have a successful match the trainer then takes over and schedules an initial consult with the client. 

What has been peoples reaction towards 4HireFitness so far?
J: Overwhelmingly supportive. 

Where do you see 4HireFitness in 5 years?
J: Branching out into all the fitness avenues- Fitness Instructors, Nutritionists, Massage Therapists. I want to align with people in the fitness industry that have the same values as my company to ensure integrity throughout the entire fitness and health industry in Calgary. Also working with Trainers to give back to the community, by using their specialties.

Lastly, How do you Roam? 
J: Running, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, triathlons, traveling, and networking! I also like to try new activities all the time. 

If you are looking for the right Fitness Trainer or maybe you haven’t had luck with previous trainers you’ve worked with, then I highly recommend you check out 4HireFitness. Let Jackie help you get on the right path to achieving your fitness and health goals. She wants to keep a higher standard for personal training in Calgary, and she wants to ensure your safety and success.