Hello all Roamers!

I'm Anna, your outdoor enthusiast and weekend warrior. Having acquired a Bachelor of Kinesiology, I am a personal trainer, pre/post-natal fitness specialist, and a hiking leader who likes beer and laughing (in that order). 

I consider myself a Jill of all Trades, a cute and compact swiss army knife. Having never wanted to excel at just one thing, my roaming tendencies drew me to explore and become good at many several things. As a Young Roamer, I'd spend time in the outdoors with my family, taking part in a variety of activities such as hiking and skiing. Eventually I hung up my ski poles and strapped on a snowboard and have never looked back. Touring the mountains in the backcountry has become a passion of mine, complimented with mountain biking and rock climbing in the Summer when Winter ends its seasonal shift. 

My early introduction to fitness and strength training stems from my work experience at Mount Royal Recreation Centre when I was a student. In this industry, I am constantly surrounded by ambitious individuals of a variety of athletic backgrounds where many are pursuing professional or competitive careers in sport. Me, I'm not chasing athletic ability on a competitive scale-when asked what I'm training for, my reply is simply for Life. My priority has always been to take care of my body and to be able to live a very active lifestyle. Being sedentary is not for me and if you're on this page, Roamers, you feel the same. Being a Roamer, one often wants to see to what limits their body can be pushed; how much can one lift, push, pull, and test their physical form. 

 So, Welcome! Right to Roam Training is committed to giving Everyone and Anyone the opportunity to be active, to enjoy the outdoors, and to reach your fitness goals. Then, those goals shall be squashed as new goals are set to surpass the old ones simply because I want you to have the best skiing, mountain biking, and hiking seasons you can.  I want to share with you my passion for the outdoors and show you how pivotal and easy it is to incorporate physical activity in your daily life. Through sweat and strength (and laughter!), we will get there. 

Hi ho, Hi ho, it's off to the hills we go. Lets roam.

xoxo Anna