What is Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is an assisted manual therapy that is done on a massage table. FST focuses on elongating, realigning, releasing trigger points, and balancing your bodies connective tissue. Your connective tissue wraps around your organs, nerves and muscles. It connects your muscles to tendons, ligaments, and bone.

Stretching on your own will never provide the optimal amount of relaxation to target specific areas like FST can.  

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Improved Posture

FST will help reorganize your fascia and when we combine it with strengthening and stabilizing exercises, we will improve muscle imbalances and as a result your posture. We all know how important posture is when we stand, sit, walk, and train. 

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Improved Performance

With improved posture, flexibility, and functional ability you will be able to push your fitness training even further. More consistent training, leads to consistent sport performance so you can redpoint that climbing route. 


Reduced Risk of Injury 

FST increases joint space and releases trigger points which will allow you to move pain free on a daily basis. By ensuring you move properly you will also decrease the chances of you injuring yourself. You won't have to miss  out on that backcountry ski trip or wherever you want to roam.

Initial Assessment, 90 minutes: $110

60 minutes $90

90 minutes $100

3 Hour Package: $225. Save $45!

5 Hour Package: $325. Save $125!

10 Hour Package: $600 Save $300!

*FST Packages can be split up into 30, 45, 60 or 90 minute sessions and are transferrable.

*3 Hour packages expire after 1 month, 5 Hour packages after 2 months, and 10 hour packages after 3 months.